miFIRE is a mobile intelligent fire inspection solution. miFIRE enables fire departments in cities to carry out fast and paperless inspection for Fire Prevention and Safety Compliance. miFIRE uses an integrated database and graphical user interface so data are entered one time, even when used in different areas of the system.

miFIRE helps agencies manage business, day-to-day operations & planning, field operations & decision support, communications, and technical challenges.

The miFIRE modules are seamlessly integrated for one complete solution, and the flexible, modular design will ensure that it would be used at fire departments and EMS agencies, regardless of size.

These are the top features of miFire Software

  • 01 Incident and Investigation Reporting

    This module gathers and exports incident data and automatically generates an incident narrative.Investigation records are linked to specific incidents, or add stand-alone investigation reports.

  • EMS module is tailored to Fire department’s reporting needs. It tracks extrication, water rescue, confined space rescue, and high-angle rescue details, and add multiple types of rescue equipment use. Comprehensive patient reporting is done including response and clinical information, patient assessments, procedures, medications, and treatments, and much more.

  • This module tracks all occupancy information including building information, owners and contacts. It associates multiple occupancies with a single property and view detail records for associated occupancies. Also maintain extensive preplan information, including hydrant proximity and needed fire flow calculations.

  • The software tracks a variety of information like years of service, proximity to station, phone numbers, email addresses, and insurance records. It maintains confidential information with additional security controls for pay information, casualty reports, Fire and EMS certification details, EMS exposures, and insurance information. Also gather miscellaneous staff history records like vaccinations, issued equipment, and special skills. Prompt to add a history record any time rank or status change. Furthermore, it tracks all aspects of staff training, including training hours, and class attendance.

  • The software keeps complete hydrant maintenance, inspection, and repair records and track time spent maintaining, testing, and repairing hydrants. This module calculates flow test measurements automatically based on pressure readings and add flow tests and activities for multiple hydrants.