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New or Existing one, our digital transformation service made businesses productive, and fulfill market requirements.


Enhanced service quality and business user satisfaction - End users are extremely happy as most of the problems are fixed remotely.


Our softwares provides solutions for government to avail services to the Citizen, Businesses, Government and Employees.


Goals for Short-term and Long-term growth, Our ERP Solution provides your business to achieve goals.


We process raw geo-spatial data and turn it into high-quality information.


Application Services

We leverage our technical prowess, insightful domain knowledge, experiential learning, consulting capabilities, and proven methodologies to deliver state-of-art and next-generation applications to empower our customers in meeting their strategic priorities.

Big Data & Analytics

We slice and dice large volume of operational, managerial and strategic data to develop descriptive, diagnostic, predicative and prescriptive analytics. We modernize, engineer, warehouse, integrate and present data leveraging best-in-industry tools like Informatica, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau.

Business Consulting

We preach and practice the agenda of business process engineering to help organizations stay competitive, win new opportunities and engage with their clients and eco-system in a meaningfully productive manner.

Cloud Management

With our profound capability in migration, consulting, security and operations, we offer a set of services, solutions and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey both in AWS as well as Microsoft Azure platforms.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital transformation tools built on next-generation technologies like AI & ML, Blockchain and RPA enable enterprises to digitize the core, to build resilience, to innovate and adapt rapidly for achieving business success and hyper-productivity to become market leader.


Our E-governance solutions usher in a new era good governance to deliver of digital services to the citizens, automate internal processes for paper-less transactions, improve revenue optimization, manage assets and effective oversight of waste col-sm-4lection and disposal.


We provide best-in-class ERP solutions with end-to-end consulting, implementation and support services to our clients to automate and optimize processes and systems, and gather real-time operational information to adopt new business models, manage business at speed, orchestrate internal and external resources.


Our GIS-based applications, both on open-source as well as proprietary platforms like ESRI, have been leveraged by city administration and urban local bodies to ingrain locational intelligence in daily operations, revenue management, long-term engineering planning and asset management.

Infrastructure Management

Our SLA-driven engagement with customers lead to ITIL-compliant service management processes for diverse offering for monitoring and management of data centre, desktop, network, security, database & e-mail and consulting of fail-safe operation of IT infrastructure.


eCity | Automate, Optimize and Transform

eCity is a transformational software for automating and optimizing enterprise municipal/ city services. It is built on the innovative framework of Land, Structure, and Occupancy (LSO).

The LSO framework is a primary resource for address, structure, zone and land use information, as well as owner/tenant, infrastructure and asset information. It heralds unparalleled collaboration of single version of truths with singular focus on one-stop e-Governance in cities and municipalities. It brings about inter-departmental accountability and accuracy, automated work-flow, ease of use, real-time data sharing with apps, improved services to citizens, city/municipal intelligence and seamless integration with GIS.

GPolice | Sophisticated, Security, and Surveillance enabled

GPolice provides insights of intelligence system, geo-informational and analytical data to police authority Learn More

miFire | Fire inspection solution at your Fingertips

miFIRE is a mobile intelligent fire inspection solution. miFIRE enables fire departments in cities to carry out fast and paperless inspection for Fire Prevention and Safety Compliance. miFIRE uses an integrated database and graphical user interface so data are entered one time, even when used in different areas of the system.

miFIRE helps agencies manage business, day-to-day operations & planning, field operations & decision support, communications, and technical challenges.

The miFIRE modules are seamlessly integrated for one complete solution, and the flexible, modular design will ensure that it would be used at fire departments and EMS agencies, regardless of size.


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Full Stack


Angular JS


Vue JS

React Native




Big Data








Power BI







Governments, both federal as well as state, around the world are increasingly focussing to provide services at the doorsteps of citizens ensuring near-zero footfall in the Government offices, and transparency and reliability of services. Municipal e-Governance marks the cornerstone for achieving this objective.

In order to embark a new technology roadmap, each government is beset with a number of challenges such as, absence for mind-set for change, lack of digital literacy in the rank and file of the departments and fund crunch.

Oroprise provides top-notch solutions to address the emerging needs of municipal and city entities.
  1. Enterprise City Management System (eCMS)
  2. Utilities and Facilities Management System (UFMS)

Our solutions are tailor made to ensure one stop e-Governance bringing about the following definitive benefits:
  • Interdepartmental Accountability and Accuracy
  • Automated Workflow
  • Ease of Use
  • Manage Municipal/City Data
  • Real-time data sharing with Apps
  • Increased Revenue
  • GIS centric and Business Intelligence
  • Improved Service to Citizens

Utilities all across the world are on the cusp of the step-functional change through fast-track adoption of operational as well as informational technology. The paradigm of smart grid is vices impacting the utilities sector in a humongous manner transforming the way services are being provided. Bi-directional metering and billing, widespread generation of renewable energy and push towards low-carbon economy are becoming realities thick and fast. Utilities are looking for solutions to run the operations in a profitable and consumer savvy way.

Utilities companies are facing multitude of challenges these days. Regulatory forces and policy makers are assiduously pursuing the agenda on helping customers better manage their energy demand, on achieving improved customer services and on promoting renewable energies. On the other hand customers are more demanding, and expect nothing short of excellence in service quality and accuracy and transparency in billing. Utility companies are more and more squeezed amongst these exacting requirements, demanding customers and revenue protection measures.

Our best in class product is a meter (vendor) –independent solution, compatible with common smart metering devices and applications and can deal with smart meters as well as classic (dumb) AMRs and manually read meters.
  1. Utilities and Facilities Management System (UFMS)
  2. Value Proposition

UFMS offers a complete suite of seamlessly integrated modules that support any prospect-to-cash implementation, with or without smart meters. It is a future ready solution which can enable big data revolution. Any utility or a facility management company will derive the following benefits upon implementation of our solution:
  • Accurate and timely billing with speed and efficiency
  • Adoption of utility best practices
  • Improved consumer intimacy
  • Seamless Business Continuity
  • Insightful
  • Business and Operational Insights

A fire can occur anywhere, even where we least expect it. Hence a city cannot be smart if fire departments in the cities are not digitally equipped to nip the possibilities of fire incidents in the bud through pro-active governance and handling fire eventualities in a digitally intelligent manner. Digital enablement of fire department in cities is therefore sine qua non.

To prevent fire to save human life and property, fire inspections are to be carried out regularly, rigorously and relentlessly with fast-track adoption of technology. Therefore, electronically recorded fire inspections on standardized templates, pre-loaded on smart mobile tablets (like i-Pads) are to be carried out at pre-scheduled intervals to achieve this objective. Efficiency gains and productivity enhancements of fire inspectors will be the result of such automation and standardization of fire safety inspections.

We have a specific focus on proactive city e-governance and mobile fire inspections. Oroprise’s miFIRE is a mobile intelligent fire inspection solution which enables fire departments in cities to carry out fast and paperless inspection for Fire Prevention and Safety Compliance.
  1. miFIRE

Our product has been built on the paradigm of MAPS (M: Mobility, A: Accountability, P: Pro-activeness, S: Smart). Embracing MAPS paradigm ensure that the product can elevate itself into mobile platform, make the users in the fire departments accountable for their actions, enable pro-active governance, and augment and enrich information grid in the fire department to make it smarter.
  • Electronic, consistent, template-based data entry for inspections
  • Automated scheduling for inspections and re-inspections
  • Automated notices based on inspection outcome
  • Automated dashboards & reports
  • Automated escalation for enforcement.
  • Seamless billing
  • Saves time and cost
  • Brings in transparency, accountability and consistency
  • Will reduce fire instances due to proactive governance
  • Additional revenue upon detection of violations
  • Web-based and flexible solution to meet all existing and emerging needs of the fire department.

Digitization is imperative to facilitate economic activity, build seamless communication with citizens for delivery of service and transform overall urban development paradigms of the cities. Cities are therefore embracing the significant advancements in information and communications technology to assist in meeting their objectives of more prosperous, efficient, livable and sustainable. In other words, cities are looking to become smarter.

Cities all over the world in their constant evolution and desire to operate in a cost-efficient and citizen-savvy manner encounters a plethora of challenges. An illustrative, but not exhaustive list is as follows:
  • Planning Inadequacy
  • Infrastructure Bottleneck
  • Limited ICT Investments
  • Maverick Citizen Engagement Avenues
  • Siloed Operations of Departments
A well synchronized automated espousal of IT centric digital journey is therefore is essential for the cities for a step-function transformation.

Our eCMS software product is aptly suitable for enabling and accompanying the cities for their digital journey. The eCMS software automates and optimizes city-centric processes both from the perspective of the city staff members as well as the citizens. We are leaders in City Management Software .We understand what a city needs and are providing our single platform “City Smart” to each department. Our solution addresses the needs of the cities with his ease of use, business insights and features and functionalities such as:-
  • Citizen Access Portal
  • Site Plan Approval (screen shot of town planning)
  • Online Registration (screen-shot)
  • Business Trade License
  • Code Enforcement
  • Permits & Inspections
  • Property Management
  • Grievance Handling
  • Utilities & Facilities

The solutions are endowed with distinctive characteristics to deliver benefits to citizens in a number of ways, a few of them are as follows:-
  • No more waiting in line , most services done online or on mobile
  • Interact with your city anytime anywhere via mobile, web or IM.
  • One-Stop location for all resident interactions with the city.
  • Login anytime, anywhere to view your request progress real-time.
  • Mobile apps to make life easier and get information on the go
Similarly for the city staffs members indulge in instant- appreciation in this one-click economy for the following:-
  • Collect and process big data from cameras, sensors etc. at ease.
  • Beacon support to provide location specific experience.
  • Easy to use real-time Dashboard for information at fingertips.
  • Makes it so easy to connect systems together


About Us

Oroprise Solutions is an Indo-American venture and has been established with the vision of providing best-in-class software solutions to enterprises, cities, municipalities, districts and provincial states and quality IT related services embracing global best practices. Since its inception 2014, we have been providing a bouquet of services and solutions in diverse domains like technology consulting, data-driven analytics, digital transformation, e-governance, geo-informatics and infrastructure management. We are at the cutting-edge of innovation to address the entire gamut of clients’ needs in the evolving world of digital, cloud and platforms.

The organizational DNA of the company lies in our transnational orientation with extensive knowledge management system and high-caliber workforce with 24 X 7 delivery capability across multiple time-zones. We work together with our customers and partners to deliver transformational projects in India, Europe, Middle-East and in the US.

To achieve our vision, we are pursuing the following missions:

  • Driving IP-based, non-linear growth through innovation
  • Expanding geographic footprints
  • Building trust-worthy and entrepreneurial eco-system with customers and partners
  • Augmenting products and solutions spectrum
  • Deepening domain and delivery capabilities and expertise
  • Committed to customers’ success.
  • Business Consulting


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