Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the means of taking care of the IT infrastructure of an entity or company completely or in parts from a remote location to ensure continuous availability.

We have deep expertise in the management of complex enterprise IT infrastructure systems. Our RIM Services include the following:

Infrastructure Components
Desktop Centre Management Servers, Database, Apps, Messaging, Storage systems, Tape Library, UPS
Asset Management Desktop, Laptops, Projector, File & Print Server
Network Management Routers, Switches, VOIP devices, APs, AVs, Network Links
Security Management Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Protection Systems, CCTV

Our ITIL compliant processes and SLA driven engagements focus on the following:

As a result, we play a pivotal role to provide the following services to our clients:

a) The Monitoring and Management Services

Area of Services Key Components
Network / Security Routers | Switches | Firewalls | Load balancers | VPN’s | RAS| VoIP
Servers OS: Widows| UNIX | Linux | Solaris | HP – UX | OEM: HP, IBM, SUN, Dell
Storage SAN | NAS | DAS | IPSAN
Database Oracle | MSSQL | MySQL
Applications Web Logic | Web Sphere | IIS/Apache |Tomcat | Directory Services | Citrix
Messaging MS Exchange | Lotus notes Open source: Q-mail, Send mail
Tape Library Drive: LTO 3 | LTO 4 | LTO 5 | LTO 6 OEM: HP, IBM, Dell, SUN, Tandberg

b) Facility Management Services

Area of Services Key Components/Details
Desktop Management Desktop configuration | Install and upgrade OS | Install & upgrade | frontend software | Desk side troubleshooting | IMAC | Preventive maintenance
Asset Management Hardware Inventory | Software Inventory | Version Control
Patch Management OS | Antivirus | Product/Application
Vendor Management AMC/Warranty management/Paid

c) Consulting Services

In general, we provide services in line with the following:

Area of Competency Details
  • Understand requirement
  • Infrastructure study
  • Business dependency
  • Scope of work
  • High-level design
  • Detailed technical design
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation plan
Plan & Implement
  • Project management
  • Pilot testing - Acceptance
  • Implementation
    • Infrastructure
    • Process

d) NOC (Network Operation Centre) Services

Our support model is depicted below.

Network Operation Center

e) Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services

Our support model is represented below:

Security Operations Center

The business benefits to be derived from our RIM services can be encapsulated as follows: