Locational Intelligence functions include conducting geographic analyses, creating custom maps, and providing geographic data.

Key features of GPolice

  • 01Crime investigation and prevention

    Heat maps are particularly popular for crime prevention planning by law enforcement agencies as being able to identify discernible geographic clusters of higher criminal activity allows for more intelligent deployment of police resources to areas of high crime.

    • Facilitate digital reporting of incidents (crime, fatal, etc.) showing time stamp and exact location of incidence
    • Clearly defined heat map with statistical data from Police departments on crimes, arrests, warrants, offenders, etc. shown as incident map layers
    • Clickable report on reported crimes at intersections or neighborhoods, with breakdowns of the various crimes reported there
    • Monitor real-time position of police personnel deployed within the jurisdiction of Police Services for the purpose of crime prevention

  • Mobile tracking and location analysis of police suspects on Web-GIS through locational data provided by telecom service providers are very effective method of tracking and zeroing on suspects.

    • Real-time position tracking and spatial display of mobile position using telecom service providers’ data
    • Mean Location on Map Between 0000 hrs. to 0600 hrs. for identifying night halt location
    • Likely mode of transport used by the suspect through use of symbology based on time duration

  • The Incident Status Dashboard can be used by emergency management staff to monitor response activities in the Emergency Operations Center and measure progress toward the incident objectives.

    • Creation of a series of incident map layers (crimes, arrests, warrants, offenders, etc.) that are the foundation for public safety maps used by law enforcement agencies
    • Configuration of Incident Status for web - GIS application that can be deployed by emergency management organizations and used by response personnel on desktop computers and tablet devices

  • Events Site Map can be used by event organizers or event coordinators to create site maps. Permit information along with the location of the event helps government agencies streamline internal review coordination activities and promote activities occurring throughout the community.

    • Creation of Site maps including event location, assets (e.g. aid stations, food tents, rest rooms, etc.), designated areas, and any routes required to conduct the event
    • Capturing permit information along with the location of the event
    • Submission of the accompanying permit applications for review by several government agencies during the permit review process

  • Police Vehicle tracking Track police vehicles in real time based on Google Maps so as to monitor emergency operations as well as increase vehicle utilization.

    • Tracking the movement details along with speed, km, trip time, etc.
    • Analysis of data (transit time, milestone analysis, route deviation, etc.)
    • Customized reports for decision making purpose