Effective use of business critical information can give companies a distinct advantage over competitors and enable decision makers to make strategic and tactical decisions on time. Dashboards and Scorecards bring together critical business information into one visually-appealing and highly-functional workplace and enable various line of business groups to create dynamic and actionable BI across the enterprise. Our solution eliminates the need to switch between multiple reports to get a clear picture of the health of the entity.
It helps business users easily collate data from multiple disparate sources and drives them into the areas of the system that need immediate attention and action. It also allows you to immediately and directly take action or drill down to further levels of detail for in-depth analysis.
Our scorecards provide quick, performance metrics at-a-glance when measuring and monitoring business success. Using standard KPIs (key performance indicators), users gain instant access to data, from multiple perspectives, to gauge performance against set business goals and improve vital business activities.

City Manager’s Dashboard

Key Benefits

o Faster access to data from multiple sources to make better business decisions.
o Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute analysis to gain a competitive edge.
o Increased collaboration across the organization to improve operational performance.
o Visually appealing interactive charts to create, view and utilize key business data with ease.
o Advanced insights allowing managers to make better, more informed business decisions and aligning key business goals to actual outcomes.