Shan Sundar

Shan Sundar is the Chairman of Oroprise Solutions. He has more than three decades of professional experience in various industries including IT, healthcare, manufacturing, publications, telecommunications and government, and has trained IT staff at several Fortune 1000 companies.

Sundar is also serving as President and CEO of Edgesoft Inc, a global company head quartered in Culver City, USA. The company provides world-class enterprise software products like eLMS and MiFire that empower local governments to deliver superior citizen services. Under Sundar’s visionary leadership and energetic passion, Edgesoft has executed flagship implementations in leading California cities that are revolutionizing the way that government data is processed and managed. Sundar is also responsible for establishing strategic partnerships and overseeing business development for pursuing its international mission with world class software product offerings.

Prior to making his vision a reality in founding Edgesoft, Sundar served as Chief Information Officer for Audio-Digest Foundation, a medical publication company and the largest medical education provider in the world.

Sundar has been a noted speaker for various conferences including the Apple Business Briefing, where the miFIRE app was showcased, and the Greater Los Angeles Government roundtable (in a partnership with Microsoft.). A post-graduate in Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, Sundar has been residing in the US for more than three decades.

BP Mukherjee

Biswapriya (BP) Mukherjee is one of the founding members, a whole-time director of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oroprise Solutions. A seasoned professional, BP envisions touching one per cent (i.e. 70 Million) of human population by 2020 through innovative technology and smart solutions. As the CEO, he is building Oroprise Solutions with a team who have entrepreneurial hunger and passion for technology. In its first year of its operation, Oroprise, under his leadership, his team has won deals from Europe, India and USA.

Over 28 years of multi-faceted and eclectic experience in the IT and power sectors, BP has both business stewardship as well as operational vanguard experience in some marquee global corporations like SAP, Ferranti and PA Consulting, and in reputed Indian companies like CESC of RP-SG group. In essence, he has been a business leader of IT companies, value-based consultant and field service manager in power companies.

An engineer with post-graduation in business management, BP is a speaker, writer and presenter on a range of industry themes like next generation leadership, smart city evolution and new technology adoption.

Anand Belaguly

Anand is the founder Director of Oroprise Solutions. Based in Southern California, he is the bridge between US and India operations. A technology thought leader, Anand crystallises company’s future vision to play a catalytic role in impacting and touching lives of city residents. He is also instrumental in crafting technology road map for company’s products and solutions.

Over the last two decades Anand has played a pivotal role with distinction in building e-Governance systems in cities and counties in the US. He has worked as a true partner advisor for marquee US cities like Beverly Hills, Glendale, Burbank, Albuquerque, Fremont, and Colchester. He has been associated at various levels in the architecture, development and implementation of commercial business systems across myriad industries, including Government, healthcare, banking, publishing, manufacturing and entertainment.

Anand is an expert in helping organizations transform internal business systems and streamline operations by capitalizing on scalable mobile and enterprise-wide technologies. An Engineer by academic background Anand has been residing in Culver City, USA for close to two decades.